Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting along

Life in the soferet household has been enlivened of late by a succession of computer mishaps. One computer can't talk to the internet, another can't talk to the camera. One can't type letter A, one can't type Hebrew. A quill, by comparison, is just a dream of simplicity.

Anyway, computer sanity has been restored more or less, thanks to a screwdriver and eBay, and we're now into Sefer Devarim.

Here's a picture of my progress chart. Big project like this, you have to have a progress chart, or you get all scared. The different books are different colours because it's cheerful that way.

You can see how I've crossed off all the columns in the first four books. Only one book left!

And here's the gap between the end of Sefer Bemidbar and the beginning of Sefer Devarim. That's the last between-book gap...

Phonecall yesterday, also, to say that the first half of the sefer has been duly scanned and is ready to be collected from the Lower East Side. More about that when it happens!