Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First cup of tea of the day at Hadar: did usual foolish trick of attempting to remove teabag with fingers. Ouch. Drop teabag hastily. Tea splashes onto white shirt.

Declare emergency state of National Do Your Laundry Whilst Wearing Your Clothes Day, in (vain) hope of not being the only person walking around in a wet shirt.

Shirt still dampish by work-time. Turns out that dry ink crumbs brush off clothes just fine, but only when the clothes aren't dampish. Shirt now has attractive speckles of ink across the front.

Decide that Bleach Your Shirt Whilst Wearing It Day has no hope whatsoever of catching on, and leave that task for later.

This is why traditional scribes wear black and white, you know. If it's black, it doesn't show the inkstains, and if it's white, you can bleach them out.

In other news, the Torah's coming along nicely. We're in parashat Pinchas.

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  1. My favourite. I prepare a D'var Torah for Pinchas every year.. Enjoy it.